Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mid Wales League 1: Bow Street 1 v 3 Newbridge-on-Wye

Played yesterday, a bit cold but at least dry.

Was Assistant Referee along with Will Owen, and John Davies as referee.

I had a very quiet 1st half with the Newbridge defensive line and can't really remember the home side having more than 2 shots on goal. Newbridge were winning 0-2 at half-time. Bow Street were poor.

The 2nd half was much better with more movement from Bow Street and the game opened up more. They deserved to get a goal back and looked good at drawing things level. Then John D awarded a penalty to Newbridge about 10 mins from the end, from which they scored. On reflection I'm not sure if it was correct but John was a lot closer to it than me. Earlier Bow Street wanted a penalty but agreed with John after it looked like the player ran into the defender after playing the ball past him.

Both keepers required treatment which resulted in about 8 minutes overtime being played. I thanked John for this afterwards as my hands were so cold.

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Location:Bow Street

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