Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mid Wales League 1: Bow Street 1 v 3 Newbridge-on-Wye

Played yesterday, a bit cold but at least dry.

Was Assistant Referee along with Will Owen, and John Davies as referee.

I had a very quiet 1st half with the Newbridge defensive line and can't really remember the home side having more than 2 shots on goal. Newbridge were winning 0-2 at half-time. Bow Street were poor.

The 2nd half was much better with more movement from Bow Street and the game opened up more. They deserved to get a goal back and looked good at drawing things level. Then John D awarded a penalty to Newbridge about 10 mins from the end, from which they scored. On reflection I'm not sure if it was correct but John was a lot closer to it than me. Earlier Bow Street wanted a penalty but agreed with John after it looked like the player ran into the defender after playing the ball past him.

Both keepers required treatment which resulted in about 8 minutes overtime being played. I thanked John for this afterwards as my hands were so cold.

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Location:Bow Street

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Montgomery League: Waterloo Rovers Res 4 v 0 Bettws

A record is kept of every football game I referee, so this year decided that I would publish where I've been. Not sure yet if I should include everything, like 'dodgy' decisions but at least basic information should be available. After my initial game in the Aberystwyth League at Borth was postponed for an unplayable pitch, was asked if I could travel to Welshpool. Haven't been there for a wee while so left trying to remember exactly how to find the ground. After one wrong turn found it, located alongside Welshpool FC and Welshpool Cricket Club. Later discovered the pitch we were on was where the club originally started before moving to below the rugby pitch. Normally the club uses the Welshpool FC changing rooms but as the Waterloo 1st team were playing on the other pitch, they had first call so we had to change at the nearby school. Unfortunately when I arrived everyone had already gone to the pitch and it was locked. So I hid in a corner and changed. Hope there were no cameras! The game itself was very much uneventful. Rovers were winning 2-0 before I awarded a penalty to Bettws. One or two players didn't think it was but I did laugh when during the set-up the Rovers keeper said he appealed for a penalty by mistake. (note: must not have back to players when talking with keeper). The 2nd half was a closer affair but as Bettws were pushing to bring things level, Rovers broke twice late on to finally wrap things up. I could give you things like scores etc but I don't need to record these during the match. There were no yellow or red cards issued to nothing there. In fact only had to speak with one player who was getting more vocal, but thankfully his captain kept tabs on him. So that's it. First game since early December as I had one free weekend and the rest were postponed. Felt sluggish to get going and my fitness is poor anyway so any break makes things hard. I would post where I am next week but if often changes as the week goes on so a bit pointless. Also last season I was using the Facebook calendar so everyone knew where I was but stopped that in case it caused problems within my FB friends, a few of whom I referee. But we'll see what happens in the future. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad