Friday, September 18, 2009

- Change need not be scary

- Change need not be scary

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Ali Nicoll said...

If, the Mid Wales League (MWL) develop a 2nd division and its under the control of the Football Association of Wales (FAW), will there be enough referee's around to cover it? At what expense to the local league's?

[The current Mid Wales League is governed by the FAW]

Currently all games in the Spar MWL are supposed to have referee's and assistants. Many don't have assistants. The referee's have to pass a fitness test to officiate at this level.

Personally in favour of a 2nd MWL division. But if the rules applied to the current league are the same, does it mean that more referee's are taken away from local league football to cover MWL 2nd Div? What if not enough pass the fitness test?

To give you an idea of how bad the referee shortage is in Central Wales, tonight at 10pm (Fri 18th Sept 09) I received a phone call asking that I referee MWL Penparcau v Newbridge instead of being an assistant in Caernarfon for the Cymru Alliance. To get at that stage takes a lot of effort by the people who appoint the officials to contact and move referee's around, quite possibly affecting a number of games in the leagues covered by Central and North Wales. But I would bet there will be a game somewhere which is now short of one referee.

In order to introduce a MWL 2nd division, it will need to look at how these games are covered by referee's. Be it a change in current rules, more midweek, whatever, I do believe it needs to be addressed.