Sunday, October 19, 2008

Laptop power problem's

I have an old laptop which I have refurbished for my son (aged 9) and was working okay for some time.

However one day I started it and after a perod of time it it just shut down, as if it had run out of power.

At various times it would start okay or just be ine process of loading Windows before once again it shut down. No close down screen, just hard disk noise then blank screen

Thinking that the battery was needing replaced, bought a new one and it loaded as normal, worked okay for about 10 minutes but alas did what it again, shut down.

Looked into it a bit more and noticed that there is no mains light when connected to the mains but the small light at the top of the screen is on. If you pressed the base of the laptop at various points the mains light did come on whilst the small light disappeared. All of this is occuring when the laptop is switched off.

Now stuck as the laptop was working great before this started. No new hardware had been installed for about 2 weeks before all this happens (was a wifi card). No new software for some time and I know my son hasn't done anything as me or my wife sit with him when he is on.

If anyone has any advice please let me know.